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Investigating the DotA Pulse

On our way to DotA’s analysis, we deliver here some preliminary results on the pulse of DotA.

We are only interested in high level DotA, namely here The International 5 (TI5).

We analyzed:

For easy reading, we give below the boxplots of the distribution, tier by tier. They allow to quickly estimate the mean and the dispersion of the values. Further statistical tests should be assessed, but interesting comments appeared.

First line of towers (tier1)

The figure below represents the boxplot of the \“time-to-fall\” of the Tier1 towers, in green when they were taken by the winner (red for the loser).

Let’s observe that:

Second line of towers (Tier2)

The previously exhibited tendency is confirmed below:

Would there exist any reasonable rythm for DotA ? Yes: not too slow, not too fast.

Attack of the base

The below boxplots give only information about the winner team.
Nothing really surprising, just remind the order : safe, mid, hard.


We only delivered here an univariate rough analysis of the times where objectives fall in DotA. It is just a way to our main goal, wich addresses the dynamic of the confrontation. But it already gives more insight about how to grasp the pulse of DotA.

Who are we?

François Rioult, Nicolas Calenge, Mehdi Kaytoue.